Floating Island


Floating islands or the floating treatment wetlands allow mud plants/ aquatic plants to grow in water. In just few months’ time, the increase in plant mass leads to a natural-looking river edge or island. This rapidly provides valuable habitat, which in turn leads to an increase in biodiversity like insects, birds and other small creatures. Their roots grow through layers of floating island down into the water, developing dense columns of roots with a large area. Plants themselves take nutrients and impurities, and plant roots and floating island material provide an extensive surface area for the development of microbes forming a mucous layer of biofilm. Floating island can be used in different tanks like Ponds , small city tanks, Rainwater reservoirs, Sew water lagoons..etc to improve water quality. Also can be used to provide fish habitats and other ecological cover within open water environments.  Also these can incorporate a diverse range of flowering species particular for that region or country in order to improve aesthetic value in projects around water resorts and lagoons. Floating islands can also help for urban development projects with water ponds suffering from poor water quality, bad odour, or unhealthy fishing conditions..etc. These are made of using natural coconut fibre sheet and floating foam covered with a thick outer mesh. There are holes in the coir base, in which water and marsh plants are planted. The size of the island we have mostly supplied is 1mx1m with a 8cm thickness coir base and 3cm of floating material. Based on customer requirement we are able to customize the product in size, number of holes or the shape of holes..etc