Coconut Coir Twine & Yarn

The Coir Twine & Yarn sector of Hayleys Fibre specialises in manufacturing twine and yarn for a variety of industries. 

Made from the bristle fibres of the husk of the coconut, coir twine is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and has many unique uses due to its natural characteristics. Its strength, texture and versatility enable a variety of industrial usage – stringing hops and other vines, horticulture, gardening, matting and carpet, and a base for oyster cultivation. Available in two-ply and three-ply, the coconut coir twine has a breaking strength of up to 100 lbs, depending on its thickness, which ranges from 3.5 mm to 12 mm, and can be customised according to customer requirements.

At the moment we are supplying our coir twine for various industrial purposes and products such as

Cultivation/Growing - Strings for Hops & Vine Industry

A key supplier to the US hop industry for several decades, we have produced high quality stringing support, for hop vine growers; the flower of which is used as a bittering, flavouring and stability agent for beer manufacturers. The coir twine is a more effective growth solution, providing support and adequate sunlight required for the plant. It also enables higher yields and is less labour intensive. 


Gardening/General Usage - Horticulture & Domestic Industry

We supply a wide range of domestic and garden twines suitable for various purposes, in everyday use and industry applications. Twine’s unique features include well-balanced tension, flexibility in usage and biodegradability. Given its natural characteristics, it is also known for its aesthetic appeal in garden landscaping. It is a support mechanism for fence structures, hanging pots and tethering plants, as well as clotheslines, with a choice of colours and thicknesses.

Carpets - Mat & Carpet Industry

Coir mats and carpets are seeing an increase in demand, given the emphasis on eco-friendly lifestyle items. Durable and water-resistant, their distinctive, natural look and feel, and cost-effectiveness, make them a popular choice for wall-to-wall floor coverings, natural flooring and design features. 100% biodegradable, they are an ideal solution for synthetic fibre and the resultant negative environmental impact of landfill waste. We offer customised colours and the flexibility of blending fibres with other materials.

Aqua Culture - Sea Squirt & Oyster Industry

Aqua Coir Twine is used for sea squirt (sea pineapple) and oyster cultivations. It is a specialised grade of twine that acts as a growing medium for sea creatures, and is widely sought after for commercial cultivation. Sea squirts, are considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, and are consumed primarily in South Korea and Japan. We produce ready-to-install custom made aqua twine nets, to address the commercial needs of this specialised aqua industry, which is gaining popularity.

Growing Solutions for Greenhouses

We offer versatile growing solutions for both indoor and outdoor cultivations. With the rise in demand for food production, greenhouses provide a controlled environment for plant propagation. We specialise in producing coir twine for creepers grown in greenhouses. They offer nursery applications that enhance efforts to grow well-developed root systems in plants that are grown in this environment. The twine provides a sturdy support base for creeper plants.

Advantages of coir twine :

Unique Features of Our Twines and Yarns

Guaranteed Quality

Manufactured to international standards within an ISO 9001: 2008 production facility using 100% natural materials.

Customized Solutions

We cater to various strengths, colours, packing options, etc., as per customer requirements.

Industrial Fibre

Extracted from the husk of the coconut, coco fibre is used in many industries due to its 100% natural and eco-friendly features. The fibre can be further developed into Bristle, Twisted or Bale Fibre, and used in a variety of different forms for home, agricultural and industrial purposes.

Bristle Fibre

Available in three different varieties (1 Tie / 2 Tie / 3 Tie), bristle fibre can range in length from 15 cm to 25 cm. Its strength and versatility allow for it to be cut to specific lengths and used to make a variety of brushes and twines. 


Twisted Fibre

Coir fibre is twisted into coils using the ‘Ferrer Machine Twisted’ technique, which involves twisting, steaming and spinning the rope, to give the fibre a tight curl. The fibre is then passed through an untwisting machine, to give it a curled, spring-like feel. This product is then turned into sheets and used in spring mattresses in the bedding industry, and for car seats and cushions, to ensure maximum comfort levels.

Bale Fibre

Coir fibre can be compressed into bales. Bales consist of the coir fiber pith or coir dust, which is acquired through the removal of long fibres in the coconut husk. They can be made with different mixtures of coco peat and coco husk, to create varying sizes of bedding (solid mattress/spring cover sheets), sheets, upholstery, seating, drainage filters and erosion control applications. Given fibre’s cooling and clean properties, it is a healthy alternative to synthentic products. Their usage in coir mattresses increases comfort and better sleep. Bale fibre can also be used as a raw material in the production of other horticulture and agriculture applications.

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