Focus on Standards for Quality Production

Our 10 production facilities situated across Sri Lanka, and India and Indonesia, are equipped with modern machinery, an in-house quality assurance team and a production process operated by an efficient workforce. As Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of coir-based products, we offer a portfolio of over 400 high-quality items that serve our customers around the globe. Our raw materials are ethically and sustainably sourced.

We ensure strict adherence to health and safety standards during all stages of procurement, washing, drying, storage, manufacturing, packaging, transport and exporting.

Coir Husk

Coconut husks are separated from the nuts and soaked for 24 to 48 hours, which are then manually beaten and extracted via three rotary drums, to produce the golden fibre.

Coir Pith & Coir Fibre

Coir pith and coir fibre are made using retted coconut husks and processed through a defibering system, to produce pressed bricks and dried strands of fibre.

Coir Twine

Once extracted from the husk, coir fibre is processed through machines that spin it into twine of different thicknesses and lengths.

Coir Creeper Guide

Large rubberized coir sheets are wrapped around wooden poles to create coir creeper guides.

Geo Blankets

Made to different grades for the purposes of soil stabilisation, reinforcement, landscaping and erosion control, geo blankets are produced from machine-knitted coir.

Grow Blocks

Coir grow blocks are made of a combination of fibrous coir, husk chips and coir pith that is pressed into block form, to provide maximum water retention.

Grow Bricks

Once removed from the husk and processed, coir fibre pith is finely chopped and compressed into grow bricks.


Coir mattresses are manufactured with coir fibre used as padding, then layered with foam, and stitched with fabric.