Sustainable Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

The Growing Media sector of Hayleys Fibre offers a range of products to cater to the growing demands of the modern agriculture industry. We provide sustainable solutions across a wide range of diverse industries – from vegetables and fruits, to floriculture and ornamentals, and commercial nurseries, hydroponics, greenhouses and farms.

It is a 100% biodegradable alternative made using coconut husks;, coir pith, chopped fibre and coconut husk chips, offering a cost-effective solution for both indoor and outdoor farming methods. Growing media blends provide water, air and nutrients to support plant growth and create an environment for water absorption and retention.

Other beneficial features include:

We supply growing media to key markets including South America, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Russia, through our 10 production factories based in Sri Lanka, and an additional two in India and Indonesia. We are also a preferred supplier for major commercial farming countries such as the USA, South Korea and China.

New Markets

Retailers catering to consumers seeking more environmentally-friendly design and landscape solutions and pet shop markets, specialising in reptile bedding, are other potential prospects for growing media. Another new global market requirement is the commercialised Medicinal Cannabis (or Marijuana) industry. Cannabis is a botanical product with origins tracing back to the ancient world. Growing media provides sustainable, cost-effective solutions for commercial growers, given the increasing demand for these plants and their medicinal applications.

Grow Bags for Soil-less Farming/Hydroponics

Ideal for commercial nurseries, greenhouses and gardens, coir-based grow bags are a popular medium for soil-less, pot-free planting with a higher yield. Especially, in areas where hydroponic irrigation systems are in place. The UV-treated polypropylene cover enhances durability of the grow bags. During the planting stage, water is added to the grow bag through plant holes to facilitate expansion, It works particularly well with drip irrigation systems. Grow bags are an excellent medium for seed propagation, enabling speedy root development, given the ability to provide a consistent pH and EC condition inside the bag. 

Value Added Growing Media

Value additions offered by the company include variations with coir pith, rice straw or husk chips to enhance aeration of the media. These include specialised mixtures according to plant variety, customisation based on specified needs; and universal and fertilised grow bags as per customer preference, with specific of pH, EC and nutrition levels.

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Grow Bags

Easy Grow Bag with Nutrient Specifications

Grow Bags
Application AreaSpecification Range
Hydroponic & Green House Cultivation
2.0kg – 3kg
EC (1:5 dilution)
0.5 – 2.5 ms/cm
5.5 – 6.5
18% - 25%
Coco Peat/Chopped Fiber/Husk Chips
5% - 20%

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