Coir Logs (Coir Rolls)


Coconut Coir Logs are a biodegradable erosion control product for banks of Ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, and areas affected by contaminated shore waters to protect the banks. These coir fiber logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion. Coir Rolls are installed from the bottom of the waterway to the edge of the bank and are secured with wooden stakes

Coir Logs/Rolls are made with netting made out machine spun coir yarn or synthetic netting with inner filled from Coir mattress fibre. Customized Logs can be manufactured with “Vegetation Holes/Plant Holes”.

Our Standard Specification for logs will be as below.

Geo Logs
Application AreaSpecification Range
River Bank StrengtheningEye Size5cm 5cm –Diamond Shape PE Net
5cm 5cm – Diamond Shape Coir Net
2cm 2cm – Square Shape Coir Net
Diameter15cm – 60cm
Length1m – 6m
Weight10kg – 120kg