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100% eco-friendly range of products is available in various colours, shapes, and sizes according to your requirement.

The main horticultural products marketed are coir fiber, coir pith, and coir chips/chunks. Coir fibre pith is a by-product resulted during the extraction of coco fibre. It is a renewable and environmentally friendly, low-cost soil conditioner. It helps to conserve the water in the soil and improves the structure of the soil while helping germination and root growth in crops and is best known for efficient utilization of water and nutrition. All nutrients and ideal pH levels are naturally available.

Hayleys Fibre, Sri Lanka provides a range of solutions which are highly dependable and durable to your horticultural purposes.

Our bespoke 100%

eco-friendly products

Our innovative products range is the perfect solution for all your horticultural applications

Basket Liners
Application Area Specification Area
Gardening and Wall Top (cm) 25 – 60
Height (cm) 15 – 20
Thickness (cm) 0.5 – 1.0
Floor Arrangements Type Round/ Square
Color Natural/ Colored

Basket Liners

  • Rubberized coir/needled coir inserts for wireframes
  • Available in varying colours, shapes, sizes and different water retention levels
  • Suitable for hanging, wall mounting or free standing using wireframes
  • Suitable to grow flowers, foliage plants, herbs etc.

Weed Suppressors

  • Produced from rubberized coir/needled coir
  • Retains moisture around roots reducing evaporation
  • Suppresses weed growth minimizing the need for weedicides
  • Varying densities, shapes and colours available
  • Provides a better visual appearance

Bark Guards

  • Produced from rubberized coir/needled coir
  • Protects trees from bad weather and friction created by rubbing of trees together
  • Available in varying densities and designs

Wavy Bark Guard

Product Code : FRBGR
Base Materials : Rubberized Coir
Dimensions : 16 cm X 10 m, 5 mm Thick
Utilization : 40 ft. HC - 5,850 Pcs

Plain Bark Guard

Product Code : FNBGP
Base Materials : Needled Rubberized Coir
Dimensions : 15 cm X 10 m, 8 mm Thick
Utilization : 40 ft. HC - 4,000 Pcs

Coco Pots

  • Produced from rubberized coir
  • Suitable for nurseries as well as domestic gardening
  • Supports better plant growth compared to plastic pots due to better root aeration
  • Faster growth & less fertilizer usage owing to minimal weed growth
  • Biodegradability allows plants to be replanted on the ground including the pot
  • Available in varying colours, shapes and sizes

Coco Poles

  • Produced from rubberized coir sheets wrapped around a pole or a PVC with a twine
  • Provides an extensive grip to the creeper allowing faster growth.
  • Available in varying sizes and colours
  • Extendable guides available
  • Interlinked guides are available to be used as fencing

Floating Turf

  • Product made out of coir fibre on base material with floater & outer cover of coir twine,polypropylene net or GI Net.
  • Floating Turf offer biological habitats for birds & Fish securing & preserving the species diversity, The plants grown on the  turf purifies the water by absorbing chemicals like  nitrogen, phosphate in water,reducing the pollution of water bodies.
  • Floating Turf enhances the beauty in lakes and it’s easy to maintain.

Specialty of Our Horticultural products

Excellent air porosity

Coir maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated and gives better crops with faster developing roots and more flowers and fruit per plant when used correctly.

Excellent water retention

Coir has better water retention qualities than peat and other growing media. This has obvious advantages in dry climates or at times when plants cannot be watered frequently such as in transit to market.

Faster germination & quicker seedling rotations

The inherent qualities of coir and the optimum water/air availability are ideal for quick rooting and propagation. In many cases, this leads to more seedling rotations per year.

Free from soil diseases

Because Coir originates above ground it does not contain any soil diseases. In fact, several studies have indicated that coir substrate brings increased resistance to pythium and other root diseases.

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