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We provide a range of long-term Eco-friendly solutions for erosion control which are highly dependable and durable.

Erosion is a process in which rocks and soil are moved from one location to another due to natural causes such as rainfall, winds/storms, seasonality, soil composition including its porosity and permeability, land gradient and animal grazing further due to human causes of erosion such as deforestation, logging, infrastructure development and global warming.

At Hayleys Fibre we provide a range of long-term solutions which are highly dependable and durable. Bioengineering represents natural shoreline stabilization techniques that can effectively reduce erosion of exposed soil, sand, and other sediments from wind, waves, and overland runoff while providing storm damage protection to landward areas. Coconut fiber has high lignin content and thus low cellulose content, as a result of which it is resilient, strong and highly durable.

Our bespoke 100%

bio degradable products

Our innovative products range to enhance or restore the capacity of coastal banks to protect upland areas from erosion and maintain habitat and ecosystem in the balance.

Geo Textiles

Coir Yarn Geotextiles (Coir Yarn Matting)

Coir Yarn Geotextiles (CY Range) is a natural hand woven product and is used for more short term erosion control solutions. This mesh (mating) can be woven into varying mesh sizes and gram merges which is used in surface erosion control on construction sites for erosion control solutions.

Coir Twine Geotextile (Coir Twine Matting)

Coir Twine Geotextiles (CT Range) is a machine spun product which is applied to long term erosion control problems and lasts between 5-6 years which time the required, vegetation is well established. This Twine mesh has a high tensile strength which enables to handle more physically demanding conditions such as steep soles and fast flowing streams.

Geo Textiles
Application Area Specification Range
Erosion Control Eye Size 10mm – 40mm
Re-Vegetation Thickness 3mm – 6mm
Capping Landfills Mass 400gsm – 1000gsm
Sound Barriers Tensile Strength 8kN/m – 20kN/m
Roof Greening Open Area 30% - 70%
Wall Greening
Silt Fence



  • Drainage Systems
  • Erosion Control
  • Re-Vegetation
  • Capping Landfills

Coir Yarn Geo Textile

Grade CY 400gsm CY 700gsm CY 900gsm
Base Material Machine Spun Coir Fibre with inner cotton thread
Yarn Thickness 4mm - 5mm 5mm 5mm - 6mm
Eye size 35mm x 40mm 20mm x 20mm 10mm x 12mm

Coir Twine Geo Textile

Grade CT 400gsm CT 700gsm CT 900gsm
Base Material Machine Spun Coir Fibre with inner cotton thread
Yarn Thickness 6mm - 8mm 7mm - 8mm 8mm - 9mm
Eye size 40mm x 45mm 20mm x 30mm 12mm x 15mm

Coir Logs (Coir Rolls)

Coconut Coir Logs are a biodegradable erosion control product for banks of Ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, and areas affected by contaminated shore waters to protect the banks. These coir fiber logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion. Coir Rolls are installed from the bottom of the waterway to the edge of the bank and are secured with wooden stakes.

Coir Logs/Rolls are made with netting made out machine spun coir yarn or synthetic netting with inner filled from Coir mattress fibre. Customized Logs can be manufactured with “Vegetation Holes/Plant Holes”.

Our Standard Specification for logs will be as below.

Geo Logs
Application Area Specification Range
River Bank Strengthening Eye Size 5cm 5cm –Diamond Shape PE Net
5cm 5cm – Diamond Shape Coir Net
2cm 2cm – Square Shape Coir Net
Diameter 15cm – 60cm
Length 1m – 6m
Weight 10kg – 120kg

Coir Pillows

Coir Pillows or Slabs are also made similar to Coir Logs. Customized sizes can be accommodated. These are specially used for floating gardens and roof greening applications.

Coir Log / Geo Log

Base Material : Filled with Mattress Fibre
Grid Material : Poly Ethylene or Coir Twine
Diameter : 200mm >
Length (Fast Moving) : 1m >
Eye Size : 25 mm X 25 mm Square typme mesh and 50mm x 50mm diamond shape mesh

Coir Pillow / Geo Pillow

Base Material : Machine Filled Coconut Fibre
Grid Material : Coir Twine
Diameter (Fast Moving) : 1m in Width
Length (Fast Moving) : 1m
Eye Size : 25 mm X 25 mm Square
Utilization m/ft 40HC : 1,600 nos

Specialty of Our Bio- engineering products

Best option to control erosion

Coconut fiber is the first totally organic growing medium that works well in hydroponic systems.

Eco- friendly solution

The blanket also retains moisture to promote seed growth and protect the roots of the live plants.

Less time consuming

It may take as little as four to eight months to have a bioengineering project with coir rolls and other products


Our bioengineering products are manufactured and supplied while maintaining the highest standards.

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